LLC/Corporation Formation

Protect your assets by forming your LLC, S corporation or C corporation today. Contact us for details!


Motor Vehicles Services

NJ DMV services includes: driver licenses, CDL licenses, renewals, permits, vehicle titles, vehicle registrations and all other DMV related services, with or without a NJ driver's license.

Green Card Lottery

U.S. law authorizes 50,000 immigrant visas (green cards) to be available annually for "diversity immigrants". The U.S. Department of State's Diversity Visa 2015 Immigrant Visa Program begins Tuesday, October 1 and ends Saturday, November 2. Come to visit us today for more info and to fill out an application.

Money Transfers & Money Orders

Transfer money with us through MoneyGram, VIGO, and Banco do Brazil. You can also purchase money orders to send overseas or make bill payments.

Commercial Accounting

Keeping track of your business financial records can be difficult and tiring. Let the experts take care of all your accounting needs.

Power of Attorneys

Making sure that your financial documents are taken care of if you take an extended vacation is something that is often overlooked. By granting Power of Attorney, you can allow a person of your choosing the power to sign documents and make financial decisions on your behalf.

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P.O. Boxes & Shipping through DHL, FedEx and USPS

We ship packages all over the country and the world. From small to large shipments. Whatever your needs are, we can fulfill it.